IOS 5 Update Issue- No Audio

There is a known issue that can occasionaly occur for users who have updated to IOS5. This issue has been reported for a number of apps and is not specific to Goosed Up Rhymes. To remedy this issue, delete the app and reload it to your ipad or iphone. We appologize for any inconvenience.

All other issues see below.

Troubleshooting guide:

First, thanks for buying our application!  And we are so sorry that you are having trouble playing it!  We know that is a disappointment to you.  But the good news is that it probably has a simple remedy.  In some cases, people need to update the software to the latest version of IOS on their Apple device before our app will play.  Also, due to the amazing graphics, Goosed Up Rhymes is recommended for use on the iPhone/iPod 4th+ generation or 3rd generation with at least a 64 GB hard drive.  Please follow the attached directions for updating the software on your apple device and then reinstall the application.  If this information does not help, then we can dig deeper and come to a resolution.

1. Remove existing Goosed Up Rhymes app from iPad or other Apple device  
2. Update your Apple device (iPad,iPhone,iTouch) to the latest version of the operating system by connecting to iTunes
3. To avoid possible data transfer errors it is recommended to reload (attempt to repurchase) the app from your personal home computer via iTunes.  You will NOT be charged twice if you are utilizing the same user account.
4. Sync your device to your iTunes account to reload Goosed Up Rhymes app.

Please contact us at for detailed information on this process or further assistance. Our goal is for every customer to feel 100% satisfied.  Just let us know what difficulties you are having, and we will work quickly to resolve your issue. 

Thank you

Brain Freeze Entertainment