about us


Yes, the creative process can hurt sometimes. Like a cold frosty that goes down quickly, then the moment of euphoria when it all comes together in that satisfying way.

~That's Brain Freeze Entertainment ~ A mind-numbing experience!

With more than 40 combined years in the Animation Industry and multiple screen credits, award-winning director Tod Carter and his partner Joe Spadaford bring their talents and expertise to Brain Freeze.

Our experience in animation, art direction and story development spans the entertainment industry from commercial work and series television to direct-to-DVD and feature films. Within the commercial industry, members of the Brain Freeze team have contributed direction and animation to dozens of national and local television commercials. In addition to work for McDonalds, Warner Bros. Classic Animation and other well known clients, our Partners have been recognized with the highly coveted Annie award for AT&T spots and the direction of the Big Bear Foods commercial was given the prestigious Addy award.

Our Principals at Brain Freeze have been equally prolific in their work for major motion picture studios. Their work for Warner Bros. includes animation for Quest for Camelot and Space Jam as well as numerous commercials featuring Looney Tunes characters. They have also contributed to Disney Television for direct to video sequels of The Little Mermaid, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Fox and the Hound, Aristocats, Chicken Little (never released) and Tinkerbelle Trilogy. The team's animation credits include work for DreamWorks Home Video on Joseph, King of Dreams and Pocahontas 2 for Disney.

Tod and Joe met while working as Senior Story Artist and Art Director (respectively) for Big Idea Productions. Tod and Joe's creative styles were key elements in the concept and designs of over a dozen Veggie Tales and 3,2,1 Penguins videos. They were also contributors to the story work and art direction for Jonah, A Veggie Tales Movie and The Pirate Movie. They continue to collaborate on Veggie Tales children's books and DVDs.

Brain Freeze services include ~
Animation, art direction, design, project development, storyboarding, script and content creation for TV, advertising, film, DVD, books, web and corporate.

App design, game design, character design, modeling, programming, digital app marketing.